Standing Rules
Newport Harbor American Legion Auxiliary Unit 291

as of September 19, 2018

1.     The President or assigned delegate shall give a convention report at the first Unit meeting following convention.

2.     It shall be the duty of each delegate to attend each full session at Convention, unless excused by the head of the Unit delegation to attend to other convention business. If not excused, the delegate shall forfeit monies allotted by her Unit for the time absent. Delegates who are attending Convention will receive no more than $100 per day in the event they attend at least three full sessions on the Convention floor. In order to receive this reimbursement, the delegate must submit receipts for her expenses to the Treasurer of the Unit.

A.    Delegates who are spouses/companions of a Post 291 Legionnaire, who is being reimbursed by the Legion for Convention expenses, will receive no more than $50 per day in the event they attend at least two days on the Convention floor. In order to receive this reimbursement, the delegate must submit receipts for her expenses to the Treasurer of the Unit.

3.     The Membership Chairman shall be appointed by the President. All monies and checks pertaining to membership shall be turned over to the Membership Chairman.  The membership roster and membership cards to be processed are to remain at all times in the possession of Membership Chairman.

A.    Any [female] member of the American Legion Post 291 in good standing, who also wishes to be a member of Unit 291 Auxiliary, may join for a yearly administration fee of $20.00.  A copy of your current year membership card or current active military ID card is required with the application.

B.    Any woman, who is eligible to be a Legionnaire, under Post 291 by-laws, Article IV, Section 1, and as defined by the American Legion Auxiliary by-laws Article III, Section 1, who wishes to be a member of Unit 291 Auxiliary will be allowed to join for the standard initiation fee of $150.00 and yearly renewal fee of $105.00.

4.     At the beginning of her term, each officer shall receive a copy of the Bylaws and Standing Rules, and each new officer shall receive a current Unit handbook.

5.     The budget shall be read at the Unit general meeting following installation of officers and voted on at the next regular Unit general meeting.

6.     The District President shall be presented with a monetary gift of $25 at her official visit.

7.     An honorary life membership committee shall be appointed by the President.  The person or persons so honored shall be presented with a pin, and membership dues shall be paid for life or until said member transfers to another unit.

8.     The Chaplain shall send an appropriate card to each reported sick member and shall notify the District Chaplain of ill or deceased members. The names of the deceased members shall be reported to the Unit Membership Chair, who will submit a Membership Data Form to Department

9.     Upon death of a member, the Unit shall send a monetary donation of $15 to the Loving Tribute Fund or a charity of the family’s choice. Upon the death of a member’s immediate family, the Unit shall send a monetary donation of $10 to the Loving Tribute Fund or a charity of the family’s choice.

10.                       The President of the Unit, or the Executive Committee acting as one, are the only officers who can demand a performance from a Chair. The President has the right to ask for the resignation of a non-performing Chair.

11.                       Resignation of officers shall be submitted in writing to the President and acted on at a Unit general meeting.

12.                       No members of the Unit, regardless of official position within the Unit, shall obligate the Unit, in any manner, without first clearing said obligation with the Unit President and Executive Board or a vote at a Unit general meeting.

13.                       No collections of any kind or sponsoring of products for other organizations or for personal gain at a Unit meeting or function are allowed.

14.                       A Past President’s pin shall be ordered by the Unit Secretary and presented at the Unit installation, or the first general meeting of the new President. This cost is not to exceed $35. The name of said President should also be added to the past Presidents’ plaque.

15.                       All expenditures, budgeted or non-budgeted, must be accounted for by presentation of receipts to the Treasurer.

16.                       Code of Conduct and Course of Action:

No member shall harass, degrade, threaten, or harm another Auxiliary member; disrupt any Auxiliary meeting vocally or physically at any time; or conduct herself in an unruly or argumentative manner towards any other Legion member or staff, by which that action itself, brings disgrace to the Unit as a whole.

If any member does not adhere to this Code of Conduct, these procedures shall be followed:

A.    The charges against the erring member, made by any Unit member, must be presented to the five Executive Committeewomen.

B.    Within seven days, these five Executive Committeewomen will determine whether there is a cause for action.  They then will meet with the charged member to explain the charge(s).   In the event the charged member refuses to meet with the Executive Committeewomen, the Executive Committeewomen shall present the charge(s) to that member by registered letter, return receipt requested.  The charged member has seven days from the date of receipt to reply. If no reply is received within ten days of the letter being sent, the Committee will proceed as though the charged member had received the letter.

C.     The Executive Committeewomen, will determine whether the charge(s) warrant presentation to the Executive Board for further consideration and appropriate action.

D.    If the charges(s) is/are presented to the Executive Board, the Executive Board will take the appropriate action, after carefully following the rules outlined in Chapter X of the Unit Handbook, which could include the following:

1.     Declaring the member “Not in Good Standing,” with notification of same; sending the charge(s) to Department of California; 29th district; and retaining a copy at Unit; or

2.     Executive Board will contact Department of California and institute procedure for expulsion of the charged member.

17.                       No member shall use the kitchen facilities or any part of the American Legion Hall to sponsor, cater, or in any other manner conduct any personal profit-making event.

18.                       Standing Rules and the Constitution and Bylaws shall be reviewed and revised in August of each year by a committee appointed by the President. Standing Rules and the Constitution & Bylaws and proposed changes to each are to be submitted to the General Membership in writing and read at the August Unit general meeting, with a second reading and vote at the September Unit general meeting.

19.                       Any Unit member working as an employee of the Post in a regular full-time position (over 24 hours weekly) or any office position (any amount of hours weekly) is prohibited from holding office in the Unit.

20.                       Annual membership dues will include a facilities access card to Post 291.  Any unit member abusing the use of her facilities access card, or conducting themselves in a manner that is unbecoming of an Auxiliary member will be subject to the rules and policies of the American Legion Post 291 Officers, and may result in disciplinary action.   An Auxiliary member may bring up to three (3) guests to the Post per visit.

A.    Access card, Membership card and conduct violations.

1.     Upon the receipt of a written or verbal incident report to the Sergeant-at-Arms pertaining to the misuse of an Auxiliary members facilities access or membership card the same procedure, outlined in Standing Rules item 16, will be followed.

2.     Once a violation has been established, the Auxiliary member will surrender her facilities access and membership cards to the Sergeant-at-Arms who will in-turn, give it to the First Vice President for safekeeping.   The Sergeant-at-Arms will complete a form showing receipt of the cards, signed by the Sergeant–at-Arms and offending member.  A copy will be provided to the First Vice President, Unit Secretary, and the offending member.  The Sergeant-at-Arms will return the access and membership cards to the member at the re-activation of privileges.

B.    Course of Action.

1.     First time offenders with no altercation- (1) one month suspension

2.     First time altercation with altercation- (3) three months suspension

3.     Second time offenders with no previous altercations (6) six months suspension

4.     Second time offenders with previous or current altercations- (1) year

5.     Third time-expulsion, in accordance with the guide lines of Chapter X of the Unit Handbook

C.     Definition of Altercation

1.     Any auxiliary member who, when questioned about potential misuse of their access/membership card by a Post Officer, becomes verbally or physically abusive toward that person in a manner that would bring disgrace to the Unit as a whole.

2.     Unruly, disruptive, argumentative conduct that by itself brings negative attention to that member and to the Unit as a whole.

21.                       Unit elections shall be held according to the following schedule:

A.    February Meeting – The nominating Committee shall be elected. The nominating committee will consist of three Unit members from the Executive Board and two Unit members from the General Membership. The first person elected to this committee shall be the chairperson.

B.    March meeting – The nominating committee shall present its slate of potential officers. No further nominations may occur until after April 1.

C.     April meeting – The floor will be open for nominations

D.    May meeting – Elections will be held in accordance with Unit Bylaws, Article IV, section 2.

E.     Immediately following the election of the Unit Officers in May, the Unit Delegates and Alternates to Department Convention shall be elected. The first person elected shall be the retiring President. The second person elected shall be the incoming President, unless that is the same person. In that case the second person elected shall be the Jr. Past President.

22.                       All correspondence pertaining to the Auxiliary and the business thereof shall be sent to the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 291    P.O. Box 11448, Newport Beach, CA 92658.

23.                       Dinner for the newly elected Unit Officers at the Installation of Officers Ceremony shall be paid by the Unit. This is a budgeted item.

24.                       The Liability and the Directors and Officers insurance shall be paid annually by July 1 by the Treasurer. This is a budgeted item.

25.                       The Treasurer shall pay the yearly Fidelity Bond after July 1 but no later than the July meeting to the Department of California. This is a budgeted item.

26.                       Unit monthly general meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. There will be two “Dark Months” (no meetings) of Unit 291 in June and December. The President of Unit 291, at her discretion, may request one additional “dark” meeting.

27.                       The Donation Committee, appointed by the President shall be required to review all donation requests in excess of $500 before that donation request may come to the Executive Board and the General Membership for a vote. This does not include budgeted donations.

28.                       All transfers into Unit 291 will be required to pay the difference in the dues amounts, on a pro-rata basis, when the dues of Unit 291 are higher than those of the former Unit from which the member is transferring. The pro-rata amount will be based on the calendar year.  A transfer fee of $150 will be assessed on initial transfer.

29.                       Any member requesting to have their membership card reissued will be required to pay a $10 processing fee.  Any member requesting to have their facilities access card replace will be required to pay a $50 processing fee.

30.                       The President of Unit 291 shall be reimbursed for tickets to attend American Legion Auxiliary, American Legion, Sons of American Legion and American Legion Yacht Club events in an amount not to exceed $900 per fiscal year.

31.                       When there are three or more nominees for one office, unless one nominee receives a majority vote on the first ballot, the nominee receiving the lowest number of votes shall be automatically dropped before proceeding with the next ballot.

32.                       A majority of all votes cast shall elect a nominee, except that in the election of the Executive Committeewomen, a plurality shall elect.

33.                       Initiation fee for new members shall be $170 for Seniors and $20 for Juniors.  Members shall be entitled to a membership card and Auxiliary pin.  A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws is available on the Unit website.

34.                       Membership dues shall be $130 per year for Senior members and $10 per year for Juniors.  Dues include National, Department and District per capita fees.  Senior dues also include subscription to the State publication and National News.